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06 Jan Cheap and good silver jewelry
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Cheap silver jewelry and good qualityYou can buy cheap quality silver jewelry of all kinds. You can save on each purchase and accumulate credit you ca..
27 Nov Is 925 Sterling Silver Real
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Is 925 Sterling Silver RealWe would talk about sterling silver jewelry because believe it or not. We get a lot of direct emails a lot of questions fro..
17 Nov Body Piercing Care
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Body piercing care- It is important to wash your hands with antibacterial soap Effusief and water before contact with the penetrating.- Keep the pierc..
16 Nov Natural gemstone jewelry is better than synthetic stone jewelry 5 reasons why ?
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The world gem is loaded with gems wholesale rings, earrings, necklaces and other special / unique items made by several beautiful gems. Some are made ..
15 Nov What are silver chokers?
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If there is something that we are very clear, it is the trends of the 90 return and have nothing to do with it. You can see it in all parts of your li..
07 Aug Launching and Starting Jewelry Business | Chile Jewelry
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Many people believe that silver jewels are expensive or unattainable products. On the other hand, others believe that 925 or 950 silver jewels are not..
11 Jul Silver Value In Chile
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Silver Price Chile How much does the Gram of Silver cost today in Chile? How much does 1 grams of money cost in Chile? Current price of silver in Chil..
15 Jun Famous jewelry brands
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Classic, elegant and timeless style are the unique trademarks from the top jewelry design list below. Many of the famous jewelry designers had a modes..
02 Apr Mamoon Jewels announces
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[Product Launch] mamoon Jewels announces the Beeloved Collection "Elance Jewels, one of Chile's most reliable jewelry brands presented their" drink "c..
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