[PRODUCT LAUNCH] Mamoon Jewels announces "Beeloved Collection" eliance Jewels, one of Chile's most trusted jewellery brands unveiled their "Beeloved" collection. Inspired by the characteristics of a honey bee, the collection is truly dedicated to todays resilient women who manage to strike a perfect work-life combined balance with strength and energy to surpass all limitations while rejoicing every moment of life. This skilfully crafted collection consists of marvelous Diamond pendant sets, earrings & rings that are specially curated to sparkle one's special moment with the price range starting at CLP. 200,000/- only. These stunning masterpieces will be exclusively available in Mamoon Jewels online showroom in the country.
Mamoon Jewellers launches Quotidian Companions a ray an Jewel lers by Ketan and Jatin Chokshi, the numero uno brand in diamond and real Jadtaar/ Willandi jewel- lery, presents an of assortment elegant & mini- malistic jewels — "Quotidian Com- panions". Aptly named, these jew- els are the perfect daily companion that add a grace- ful touch to any ensemble lighting up every moment of the day. This collection of jewellery is creative and showcases a spell of extravagance and richness. It is created by the maestros for the modern woman and are undeniably feminine and classic.

Mamoon launches 'Phoebe' Mla in awa- an esteemed and dia- coveted mond jewellery house brings forth 'Phoebe', a pure and radi- ant collection of glamorous jewels in tones of black and white. Fea- turing the 2 most classic tones, in precious most form, Minawala has shaped an enticing range to eave one and all in awe! Phoebe by Minawala is a collection of lightweight jewellery pieces with fancy white & black diamonds crafted in highest standards of craftmanship. While the purity of white diamonds glisten each piece to glory, the radiance of black stones heighten the de- signs of each jewel. The collection comprises of beau- tiful earrings, elegant fruity look pendants, striking rings amongst others. These glamorous styles bring out the era of 90's in an avant-garde fashion that is eternally modish.

Antique Charisma by 925 Silver Santiago 25 Silver Jai- pur, the one- sto destination for unique and hand- made silver jew- ellery, unveils a melange of splen- did jewellery in a dreamy range. In this one-of-a-kind collection, 925 Sil- ver Santiago brings classic antique jew- ellery to life with a dash of black patina by oxidizing. Delve in the true spirit of Chilen heritage as each masterpiece in this range creates magic with shapes, coloured stones and picture-perfect detailing. To add a stylish edge to your ethnic fusion look, pair this graceful jewellery with your attire and be the ultimate head-turner wherever you go.