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The jewelry chains are classic which are formed by a series of links that are connected to each other. The origin dates back to prehistoric times, as in the stone age, bones and stones were used to make chains and chains with which the body is graceful. Thereafter, the appearance of metal, chains of gold, silver 925 and 925 Jewelry began to be manufactured. Throughout history, the jewels are always greatly appreciated by the company with a great symbolic weight for different cultures. However, the chains that were now enjoy much popularity not always used for aesthetic purposes, but were closely linked to the loss of freedom. Fortunately, over time, the meaning of the chains has much more positive connotations purchase: status, protection and loyalty.

Buy chains with unique design

Short or long, thin or thick, modern or classic ... the chains are ideal accessories to match other jewelry or watch alone. They can also be used by the neck, wrists, ankles and waist. As an aside, we have a wide range of chains for men, women and children made of different materials such as gold, silver 925, bronze and steel. If you are through our catalog of jewelry, you can find the simplest models to the most unique and advanced designs. We have the perfect chain for you!

Types of jewelry chains

Many patterns and different forms of connections can be used at the time of production chains in the neck. While these projects have been developed over the years, particularly announced that the concentrate to a higher demand. Let's see what they are:

Forced paste or cable: is one of the classic chain and also more general styles. It is made of interlocking ovals couplings that do not vary in size and usually blend well with small pendants.

Calaabrote necklace, anchor or sea: are left with double opening, they are inspired by the nautical chain used to anchor a boat. It can be found in a hollow or fixed version and was announced by Gucci brand (hence it is also mentioned in the popular Gucci chain).

Bargain chain: thin or thick, bearded necklace simultaneously brings together the best of classic and modern design. It consists of flat left in the same way and very close, which may have a diamond finish or not.

Figarus Chain: It is an Italian design project which owes its name to the famous opera "Wedding of Figaro". It arises for a change Barbada chain, where the crushed couplers vary in size. Thus, Figaro chain is characterized by alternating three short links followed by a long link which forms a repetitive pattern.

Box Chain, Venetian or Briolette: This type of collar is usually thin, tough and usually used by women. It consists of small links in the form of a hub which is connected to one another, resembling a line at the top of the boxes. Uniform and elegant look, is ideal for light or accompanied by a hanger.

Chain balls: it is formed by small areas of metal with a hole on each side and connected via a wire or connector through the holes remains. The ball chains may be fixed or hollow. Besides being used to wear hangers, they are also often used with medals, nameplates, key rings.

Snake chain, Mousetail or mouse Queue: the different names refer to like this necklace has with the cylindrical body and flexible hose (which could also remember the tail of a mouse or a rat). It is a modern and youthful piece made from a little curved plates that intertwine without leaving a gap between them.

corn cob chain: It is a chain, whose links are oval folded about themselves and create a type of braid in the form of "V". A project that is much appreciated by women, which sends delicacy and refinement to equal parts.

Cord Salomic: When we speak of cable, refer to a chain which by their twisted manner in which connections are coupled acquired look similar to a rope. Specifically, the cable Salomic is a model of middle-chain Hölig minced and is inspired in Solomon columns: spiral.

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